What we stand for,
our mission.

We will be the only one for our customers.

"Our vertical Lifting systems for clean room use was developed based on the spirit of "Being irreplaceable'."
The system have been highly evaluated for its accuracy, speed, dustproofness and safety.
Our system have shipped to almost all LCD panel manufacturers and semiconductor manufacturers in East Asia.
Also the products have became the basis of our factory automation business, and at one time we held almost 80% of the market share.
We don't say "we can't do it" to our customers.
With the flexibility of a medium enterprises, the experience we have built up over the last 50 years and our world alliances,
we are able to offer the best possible solution.
And now, with the addition of industrial robotics and advanced Cold-Chain System to our business, we will meet customer's needs with confidence.


01 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

"As a non-production manufacturer, we have been able to meet the diverse needs of our customers.
Since many of our projects are unique, there are many cases where issues that could not be anticipated at the time of the initial study emerge, and as a result of the measures taken, we end up with deficit.
Nevertheless, We look forward to approaching new needs with the mottoes of "Always satisfy the customer" and "Making experience an asset."

02 Entering the robotics Industry

Entering the robotics Industry。

We have been making vertical Lifting System for LCD and semiconductor factories for years, but in 2018 we entered the industrial robotics area. We offer consulting, lot selection, matching with peripheral equipment, teaching and after-sales service to customers who want to promote automation. Along with our ongoing partnership with the industry's top robot manufacturer, our plan to expand our service locations throughout Japan by 2023 is progressing to include service centres in Kanto, Chubu, Kyushu and soon Kansai as well.

03 The strength of us.

The strength of us.

We have traditionally designed and manufactured a wide variety of products in small quantities. That means that our engineers are trained to have a broad perspective and solid skills. At the heart of this is "Find out why we can do it". Our strength lies in the fact that our employees, who come from a variety of backgrounds, from 40-year veterans to people who have changed jobs from different industries, live together without creating barriers is our strength.

04 Networking with Asia

Networking with Asia

"More than 70% of our end users of our products are in Asia. One of the elements of successful business overseas is not only overcoming the language barrier, but also understanding the exact differences in business practices, history and culture. We have been actively recruiting foreign nationals since before 2000 and have strengthened our overseas network by increasing the diversity of our workforce, despite being a small company.
There are no borders within the company. Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean are spoken in our company environment, which is our daily life and our pride."


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