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Management principles/
Message from the President

Message from the President

Be sensitive to changes in value.
Always looking for the next step in
customer satisfaction
to offer new values.

Since our establishment in 1967, we have been supplying products from Fukuoka to Japan and overseas as a manufacturer of clean room AMHS system. Our success, our products have been adopted by almost all semiconductor and LCD manufacturers in Asia. We are proud of the fact that our products are used in leading edge industries. However, we are always thinking about changing values and since 2018 we have been investing in the industrial robotics and cold chain systems, and our new business is gradually taking shape. Furthermore, we are expanding our recruitment of talented foreign nationals, diversifying our working patterns, making our management more transparent, and Digital Transformation for the entire company. We will continue to strive to become a 100 year old company by constantly creating new value and expectations without being constrained by existing technologies and business models. We will be keep growing with our customers together under the great support.

Representative of Directorkoji matsumura

Our constant goal ever , "Being irreplaceable".

Management principles

Always thinking about the needs of our customers By putting heart and soul into the knowledge and skills that we study all the time. Our final goal is to be a person and a company that is "irreplaceable“ by developing our company and achieve customer satisfaction , also make contribution to the community.

Quality Policy Statement

Committed to safety, compliance with all laws and regulations, taking care of our customers'Voice.
Improving the quality of each individual and create new products and services that are irreplaceable.

  • 01.Constantly improve the ISO 9001-based working system
  • 02.User Friendly, devoting for reliable products