Robot maintenance

You are entrusted with the maintenance work that maintains and inspects the parts of industrial robots manufactured by the "The Yaskawa Electric Corporation", which boasts the world's top class share, and the" teaching work "that brings robots to life.

  • Failure diagnosis of a robot that has stopped working
  • Replacement of parts
  • Repair of defective parts

Robot maintenance (robot maintenance made by Yaskawa)

■ Summary: After 1 month of head office training and 3 months of on-site practical training, we will entrust you with the maintenance of the robot at your place of assignment.
■ Specific work content:
(1) One month after joining the company, we will train at the Fukuoka head office from basic knowledge such as how to use robots and tools to perform maintenance. This curriculum was developed in collaboration with the Yaskawa Group, a major industrial robot company, and even inexperienced people can acquire knowledge as full-fledged engineers in a short period of time. You can immediately put into practice what you learned in the lecture training in the technical training.
By repeating the following cycle, you can acquire practical skills at an early stage.
・ Lecture training such as robot safety guidance, operation check by operating the robot
・ Guidance on basic knowledge such as how to use tools and sharing of cases of possible accidents, disassembly and structural confirmation of robots using tools
・ How to read drawings, machine installation/assembly, learning of electric control system, the experience of operation program, test run
(2) After practicing the above in the training, you will learn practical skills while entering the field for 3 months. Senior employees will carefully guide you, so
You will be required to thoroughly acquire the skills.

The Work flow

  • After receiving an order for regular maintenance of Yaskawa Electric robots, check drawings of maintenance robots and prepare necessary tools
  • Regular maintenance of robots, parts replacement, inspection work at the delivery destination
  • Fill out the inspection report and report the inspection contents to the delivery company

Message from our employees

Sunyoung Son
Date of joining Daiichi
June 2017
Team Belonging
Technology development teams

When I joined the company as a new graduate, I worked as an SE associate which required skills and expertise to carry out sales activities to customers. Right now, I am working as a team manager in a department that specializes in technology development in a department that engages in developing new business ideas. In a world where advanced technology is commonplace, we are working hard as a pioneer in creating unprecedented technology. I joined the company as a new graduate and became a manager in my twenties because it emphasizes the "motivation to challenge" new things and the "future potential" of employees regardless of age, gender, nationality, experience, etc. I think it's because the company has a great environment and culture. We would like those who join our company to join us with "high aspirations" because we are a company that can face challenges.

Suzu Oda
Date of joining Daiichi
August 2021
Team Belonging
Production team

Our products are produced in small quantities and in many types, so we can make new ones every day. Unlike line work, I rarely do the same work all the time, so I think it's worthwhile. Furthermore, our appeal is that you can challenge what you want to do as long as you have your own feelings. Even if it is difficult, seniors will support you, so you can challenge with confidence and improve your skills.

Kota Nakashima
Date of joining Daiichi
May 2021
Team Belonging
GFASales team

The reason I joined the company as a sales position is that I am not bound by the "sales" framework. When you think of "sales," you have the image of doing new development around customers such as telephone sales and visiting sales, but our sales analyze markets and targets, understand changes in the world's values and behavior, and understand them. We will consider the optimal strategy and conduct sales. A management perspective is also required because the strategies that you consider and formulate yourself are directly linked to profits. I am motivated to be able to work "while enjoying management" because I can gain unprecedented experience and my growth leads to the growth of the company.

Aki Ishiomaru
Date of joining Daiichi
September 2021
Team Belonging
Production team

At our company, you can experience various things. I'm not good at jobs like "keep sitting", "only serving customers", and "only phone / PC", so I think it's a good job for people who want to do various things. The job of managing an organization as an office work professional is often difficult, but not only do I feel that I am growing myself, but I also get people around me to say, "I'm growing." I'm glad I entered.