mechanical design of conveyor equipment for clean rooms such as semiconductors and FPDs, and for logistics facilities.

You will be responsible for mechanical design of conveyor equipment for clean rooms such as semiconductors and FPDs, and for logistics facilities.

  • Mechanical design of dust-free elevator (Clifter), etc
  • Development project leads (progress management, quality control, etc.)

Mechanical design of transport equipment for clean rooms

You will be in charge of the mechanical design of transport equipment for cleanrooms such as semiconductors and FPDs, and for logistics facilities.
In the past, most of the products were for overseas markets such as Taiwan, but recently, capital investment in factories is increasing in Japan as well, and we are looking for more staff due to an increase in orders.

The main business contents are as follows.
・ Mechanical design of dust-free elevator (Clifter), etc.
・ Lead development projects (progress management, quality control, etc.)
* Approximately 40 people are active in the department to which they are assigned, including mechanical design and control design (hardware design work, software design work).
* Normally, all properties are made to order. However, in the case of past delivery destinations, there are also designs that divert past design drawings.
* Approximately 30% for domestic and 70% for overseas.

■ Business image and personnel system: Sales and SE (technical sales) will work with customers to consolidate specifications, so you will be mainly in charge of detailed design after the specifications are finalized.
As a general rule, each person is in charge of one device, and the design span is about two months.
(Team MGR is a style that assigns the property in charge after grasping the number of members' possessions and the amount of work)
In addition, since a separate department is in charge of post-processes such as debugging after detailed design, installation, and test run, it is mainly desk work in the company, but for the outside, we will explain to the customer when a support request comes at the specification review stage. For cases and in-house use, negotiations will also occur with the control team, sales staff, and SEs who have consolidated the specifications, and those in charge of post-processes.

The Work flow

  • Hearing customer needs in cooperation with the sales department, and proposing a basic form that examines and solves legal, space, and technical issues as a "planning drawing / delivery specifications"
  • Collaborate with other departments and summarize the cost of the planned contents as an "integration report". The total amount is finally proposed to the customer by the sales department as an "estimate".
  • In collaboration with other departments, summarize the number of days required for the planned content and propose it as a "process chart"

Message from our employees

Sunyoung Son
Date of joining Daiichi
June 2017
Team Belonging
Technology development teams

When I joined the company as a new graduate, I worked as an SE associate which required skills and expertise to carry out sales activities to customers. Right now, I am working as a team manager in a department that specializes in technology development in a department that engages in developing new business ideas. In a world where advanced technology is commonplace, we are working hard as a pioneer in creating unprecedented technology. I joined the company as a new graduate and became a manager in my twenties because it emphasizes the "motivation to challenge" new things and the "future potential" of employees regardless of age, gender, nationality, experience, etc. I think it's because the company has a great environment and culture. We would like those who join our company to join us with "high aspirations" because we are a company that can face challenges.

Suzu Oda
Date of joining Daiichi
August 2021
Team Belonging
Production team

Our products are produced in small quantities and in many types, so we can make new ones every day. Unlike line work, I rarely do the same work all the time, so I think it's worthwhile. Furthermore, our appeal is that you can challenge what you want to do as long as you have your own feelings. Even if it is difficult, seniors will support you, so you can challenge with confidence and improve your skills.

Kota Nakashima
Date of joining Daiichi
May 2021
Team Belonging
GFASales team

The reason I joined the company as a sales position is that I am not bound by the "sales" framework. When you think of "sales," you have the image of doing new development around customers such as telephone sales and visiting sales, but our sales analyze markets and targets, understand changes in the world's values and behavior, and understand them. We will consider the optimal strategy and conduct sales. A management perspective is also required because the strategies that you consider and formulate yourself are directly linked to profits. I am motivated to be able to work "while enjoying management" because I can gain unprecedented experience and my growth leads to the growth of the company.

Aki Ishiomaru
Date of joining Daiichi
September 2021
Team Belonging
Production team

At our company, you can experience various things. I'm not good at jobs like "keep sitting", "only serving customers", and "only phone / PC", so I think it's a good job for people who want to do various things. The job of managing an organization as an office work professional is often difficult, but not only do I feel that I am growing myself, but I also get people around me to say, "I'm growing." I'm glad I entered.